The yachting industry can be frantic and we understand the need to localized knowledge and assistance. NA4Crew manages every aspect of crew needs, whether supporting crew in job placement or being of assistance to crew onboard.

You may need a flight ticket or accommodation, to plan an island getaway, restaurant booking, or just plain advice. Whatever the requirement, we have an entire organization ready to support your needs.

At NA4Crew we are being proactive in an attempt to meet your requirements. We have created a fidelity card for crew which grants you access to discounts at selected shops, restaurants, beauty salons, the gym and much, much more…

Our network in the area has given us the opportunity to create a special CREW FIDELITY CARD that gives crew special rates in a selected list of associated shops. Make sure you own one and check the updated list of the shops belonging to the NA4CREW circuit. You will be updated with all discounts and news directly via mail.

As crew we know how you love to have a good time and unwind from those busy charters.                                               NA4Crew is also busy organizing some ACTIVITIES  for crew that are around Sardinia during the high season and  in the winter months.

These long drawn out off seasons period can often be somewhat dull, however we are looking into the possibility of changing this…watch the pages   CALENDAR and EVENTS  …and enjoy your time off with us!!!